The following information are intended to give guidance and lay out the general requirements for MNAs, clubs, cities and other organisations wishing to tender for hosting a KiteFoil World Series event.

The IKA KiteFoil World Series is the premier professional event series in the discipline of kiteboard foilracing. The focus of the competitions is showcasing the world's best athletes through extended media production and prize money.

The winner of the KiteFoil World Series is crowned IKA KiteFoil World Champion at the last event of the series.

KiteFoil World Series events are usually annual events and provide event organizers an unique opportunity to host a premier event every year, while i.e. Formula Kite class events are only available every few years to an Organizing Authority.

The following information is an outline specification of minimum requirements for both the sports competition and the on-shore facilities and sets out the rights and responsibilities for each party in hosting an event.

We strongly encourage bidders to contact the IKA office seeking any clarification on the requirements related to host such event.

IKA is supporting and encouraging event sustainability. The hosts would be expected to put forward a sustainability plan defining what initiatives will be delivered at the event.

There is no place for discrimination of any kind in the worldwide sport of sailing and an obligation of the event Organizing Authority is to act without discrimination. IKA and World Sailing will impose sanctions on everyone who breaches their obligations in this area.

  • All competitors at all sailing events shall be entitled to race with their country code letters / nationality flags on their equipment.
  • If country flags are to be displayed, anthems played, or national team clothing worn, this shall apply equally to all competitors from all nations.
  • The principle also applies to officials appointed to events. An Organizing Authority or host country MNA shall not seek to restrict such appointments on the grounds of race, nationality or any other discrimination.
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