Updated Formula Kite Class Rules published

World Sailing has published the 2018 Formula Kite Class Rules at 

One of the main changes is the move to an equipment registration cycle in line with the Olympic Quad, with the same equipment being eligible from selection until the day after the next Olympic Games.

New licensed builders are added every four years from the list of registered series production equipment, ensuring that equipment evolution takes place between Olympic Cycles, but at the same time there is stability and reliabiliy during the Olympic Quad.

Formula Kite equipment is currently used for all Formula Kite World and Continental Championships but also for the Central American & Caribbean Games 2018, the PanAmerican Games 2019 and the World Beach Games 2019.

The qualification for the World Beach Games will be based on the Formula Kite Individual World Rankings as of 1st June 2019, with all events from 1st June 2018 onwards counting towards these rankings. A maximum of 2 competitors per country and gender (20 men, 20 women) is able to qualify. Qualification will be by name rather than by MNA, ensuring that the best kiteboarders in the world are able to attend this event.

For the 2017-2020 registration cycle, competitors can chose from the current list of registered equipment, with one hydrofoil system and up to four kites per event. The complete equipment lists can be found at http://formulakite.com/onb.

Brands can continue to register their most recent series production equipment which will then become eligibly after the Olympic Games 2020. New licensed builders will be selected in the November 3 years before the next Olympic Games from the list of registered series production equipment at that time. Amongst others, the performance criteria is that the equipment is within the top 5 models used by competitors in the world ranking.

Equipment registration forms are available from World Sailing or the IKA Office.

Upcoming Major Formula Kite Events
(For a complete list of events see http://internationalkiteboarding.org/events/upcoming-events)
2018 Formula Kite European Championships
2018 Central American & Caribbean Games
2018 World Sailing World Championships
2018 North American Championships (and PanAmerican Games Qualification)
2018 South American Championships (and PanAmerican Games Qualification)
2018 Asian Championships
2019 Continental Championships (all)
2019 World Championships
2019 World PanAmerican Games
2019 World Beach Games