About - What is the IKA

The International Kiteboarding Association is responsible for the central and joint management of six World Sailing International Kiteboarding Classes.

  • IKA Formula Kite
  • IKA KiteFoil
  • IKA A's Youth Foil
  • IKA Open
  • IKA TwinTip:Racing
  • IKA TwinTip:Freestyle

The IKA is also conducting an annual snowkite circuit for skis and snowboards, see www.snowkiteworldcup.com.


The activities of the IKA include:

  • promotion of kiteboarding internationally;
  • holding a World Championship for each of the classes of kiteboarding;
  • managing a World Ranking System for each of the classes;
  • developing the Class Rules and Championship Rules;
  • developing Equipment registration regulations;
  • representing the riders in all matters concerning the sport;
  • advocating on behalf of the sport with World Sailing;
  • the training of race officers, judges, umpires, measurers and other administrators;
  • the development of the sport around the world.

The principle members of the International Kiteboarding Association are the "National Class Associations" (NCA's).

The National Class Associations are the national associations governing kiteboarding around the world in their respective country.Their contact details are available in the Membership section.