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Formula Kite World Championships - Pre-Registered

Formula Kite World Championships - Pre-Registered

Countries can now register competitors by name. The following entries have been pre-registered:

MNA Male   Female
Antigua and Barbuda     1 0
Argentina 0 1
Australia 3 1
Austria 1 1
Belgium 2 0
Brazil 2 0
Canada 2 5
China 5 5
Colombia 0 1
Croatia 1 1
Cyprus 1 0
Czech Republic 1 0
Dominican Republic 1 0
Finland 0 1
France 16 9
Germany 3 1
Greece 1 0
Israel 2 2
Italy 2 3
Monaco 1 0
Netherlands 4 1
New Zealand 1 1
Poland 4 4
Portugal 2 1
Singapore 1 0
Slovenia 1 1
Spain 4 1
Switzerland 5 1
Thailand 3 1
Tonga 1 0
Turkey 2 2
United Kingdom 5 5
United States 4 1
Vanuatu 1 0

Event Information

Event Date 11. May 2024
Event End Date 19. May 2024
Max Participation Quota 137
Short Description 11 May - 19 May 2024 || Hyeres || France
Class Formula Kite
Discipline Male & Female Individual
Event Status confirmed
WR Points 200 (WS)
Prizemoney ---
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Official Notice Board - NoR/SI Click Here
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Location Hyeres Les Salins
First Name Last Name Registrants Nationality Gender World Sailor ID Status
Sam Aben 1 Netherlands Female NEDSA4 Paid
Eleanor Aldridge 1 United Kingdom Female GBREA10 Paid
Madeleine Anderson 1 United Kingdom Female GBRMA44 Paid
Nina Arcisz 1 Poland Female POLNA1 Paid
Maya Ashkenazi 1 Israel Female MA9 Paid
Derin Atakan 1 Turkey Female TURDA14 Paid
Derin Cem Baba 1 Turkey Male TURDB10 Paid
Connor Bainbridge 1 United Kingdom Male GBRCB68 Paid
Cédric Baker 1 Swaziland Male SUICB20 Paid
Daan Baute 1 Belgium Male BELDB4 Paid
Lucy Bilger 1 New Zealand Female NZLLB5 Paid
Víctor Alfonso Bolaños Lopez 1 Colombia Male COLVB1 Paid
Valentin Bontus 1 Austria Male AUTVB7 Paid
Zoé BOUTANG 1 France Female FRAZB2 Paid
Arthur Brown 1 United Kingdom Male GBRAB149 Paid
Emily Bugeja 1 Canada Female CANEB20 Paid
Lysa Caval 1 France Female FRALC65 Paid
JINGYUE CHEN 1 China Female CHNLC7 Paid
Titouan CHINOT 1 France Male FRATC56 Paid
alejandro climent 1 Spain Male ESPAC60 Paid
Leonard Collado 1 Spain Male ESPLC27 Paid
Deury Corniel 1 Dominican Republic Male DOMDC1 Paid
bernat cortes 1 Spain Male ESPBC4 Paid
CLAUDIO CRUZ 1 Brazil Male BRACC18 Paid
Katie Dabson 1 United Kingdom Female GBRKD19 Paid
Martyna Dakowicz 1 Canada Female CANMD36 Paid
Julia Damasiewicz 1 Poland Female POLJD16 Paid
Jean de Falbaire 1 Mauritius Male MRIJD3 Paid
Théo de Ramecourt 1 France Male FRATD15 Paid
Anais Mai Desjardins 1 France Female FRAAD69 Paid
Samuel Dickinson 1 United Kingdom Male GBRSD77 Paid
Martin Dolenc 1 Croatia Male CROMD5 Paid
Marija Dolenc 1 Croatia Female cromd7 Paid
Markus Edegran 1 United States Male USAME26 Paid
Jacobo Espi 1 Spain Male ESPJE28 Paid
Carlos Espi 1 Spain Male ESPCE10 Paid
Alexia Fancelli 1 France Female FRAAF32 Paid
Adam Farrington 1 United Kingdom Male GBRAF78 Paid
Matt Faus 1 United States Male USAMF135 Paid
benoit Gomez 1 France Male FRABG40 Paid
Florian Gruber 1 Germany Male GERFG19 Paid
Billy Guy 1 France Male FRABG42 Paid
Zohar Haruvi 1 Israel Male ISRZH1 Paid
Julio Houze 1 Italy Male itajh3 Paid
QIBIN HUANG 1 China Male CHNQH1 Paid
Benyapa Jantawan 1 Thailand Female THABJ1 Paid
Jakub Jurkowski 1 Poland Male POLJJ8 Paid
Jessie Kampman 1 France Female Frajk12 Paid
Adam Keaton 1 United States Male USAAK133 Paid
Bruce Kessler 1 Switzerland Male SUIBK8 Paid
Justina Kitchen 1 New Zealand Female NZLJK11 Paid
Alina Kornelli 1 Austria Female AUTAK16 Paid
Vojtech Koska 1 Czech Republic Male CZEVK3 Paid
Marcin Kroczak 1 Switzerland Male SUI-MK11 Paid
Paul Labordère 1 France Male FRAPL91 Paid
Annelous Lammerts 1 Netherlands Female NEDAL5 Paid
TIANA LAPORTE 1 Italy Female ITATL9 Paid
Elena Lengwiler 1 Switzerland Female SUIEB4 Paid
Nataliya Leshko 1 Canada Female CANNL12 Paid
Arthur Lhez 1 France Male FRAAL82 Paid
WAN LI 1 China Female CHNWL13 Paid
CHENXUE LIU 1 China Female CHNLC8 Paid
Bruno Lobo 1 Brazil Male BRABL11 Paid
Enzo Louber 1 France Male FRAEL74 Paid
Karl Maeder 1 Switzerland Male SUIKM1 Paid
Maximilian Maeder 1 Singapore Male SGPMM1 Paid
Mattia Maini 1 United Kingdom Male GBRMM119 Paid
kameron Maramenides 1 Greece Male GRECM13 Paid
Jan Marciniak 1 Poland Male POLJM20 Paid
Jannis Maus 1 Germany Male GERJM49 Paid
Marie-Eve Mayrand 1 Canada Female CANMM-55 Paid
Axel Mazella 1 France Male FRA AM47 Paid
Leonie Meyer 1 Germany Female GERLM11 Paid
Stephane Monfort 1 France Male FRASM56 Paid
jean romain morel 1 France Male frajm73 Paid
Daniela Moroz 1 United States Female USADM246 Paid
Poema Newland 1 France Female FRAPN16 Paid
max nocher 1 France Male framn8 Paid
Mikhail Novikov 1 Vanuatu Male VANMN1 Paid
Giuseppe Paolillo 1 Italy Male Itagp178 Paid
Hector Paturau 1 Australia Male AUSHP4 Paid
Julie Paturau 1 Mauritius Female MRIJP1 Paid
Heloise Pegourie 1 France Female FRAHP15 Paid
Enzo Perez 1 France Male FRAEP30 Paid
MAGGIE PESCETTO 1 Italy Female ITAMP240 Paid
Gaspard Petit 1 French Guiana Male FRAGP41 Paid
Mafalda Pires de Lima 1 Portugal Female PORMP12 Paid
Tomás Pires de Lima 1 Portugal Male PORTP2 Paid
Sirawit Prangsri 1 Thailand Male THASP15 Paid
Gisela Pulido Borrell 1 Spain Female ESPGP20 Paid
Malo Quernec 1 France Male FRAMQ5 Paid
Maria do Socorro Reis 1 Brazil Female BRAMV12 Paid
chloe revil 1 France Female FRACR52 Paid
JJ Rice 1 Tonga Male TGAJR1 Paid
Eloan Roche 1 France Male FRAER22 Paid
Pedro Afonso Rodrigues 1 Portugal Male PORPC34 Paid
Lasse Schomburg 1 Germany Male GER LS87 Paid
Angelo Soli 1 Italy Male ITAAS204 Paid
Derin Deniz Sorguc 1 Turkey Female TURDS11 Paid
Gian Stragiotti 1 Switzerland Male SUIGS6 Paid
Piotr Szymiec 1 Poland Male POLPS39 Paid
Chitresh Tatha 1 India Male INDCT1 Paid
Sagdipat Thongjan 1 Thailand Male THAST6 Paid
Oscar Timm 1 Australia Male AUSOT2 Paid
Catalina Turienzo 1 Argentina Female ARGMT16 Paid
Sven Van De Kamp 1 Netherlands Male Nedsv42 Paid
Duuk van Hees 1 Netherlands Male NEDDV33 Paid
TONI VODISEK 1 Slovenia Male SLOTV3 Paid
MARINA VODISEK 1 Slovenia Female SLOMV4 Paid
Jan Vöster 1 Germany Male GERJV21 Paid
lukas walton-keim 1 New Zealand Male NZLLW3 Paid
Si Wang 1 China Female CHNSW9 Paid
Joseph Jonathan Weston 1 Thailand Male THAJW1 Paid
Breiana Whitehead 1 Australia Female AUSBW24 Paid
Scott Whitehead 1 Australia Male AUSSW63 Paid
Magdalena Woyciechowska 1 Poland Female POLMW47 Paid
Jiangang Wu 1 China Male CHNJW13 Paid
Yangying Wu 1 China Male CHNYW17 Paid
Lily Young 1 United Kingdom Female GBRLY6 Paid
Maksymilian Zakowski 1 Poland Male POLMZ11 Paid
Dor Zarka 1 Israel Male Isrdz2 Paid
Gal Zukerman 1 Israel Female ISRGZ3 Paid