AP over A: but Gruber goes out in gnarly conditions

The ‘racing postponed’ flags were displayed at 2pm on day two of the 2021 KiteFoil World Series Gran Canaria. Winds gusting over 30 knots at the Playa de las Burras meant no racing for the day. Even so, top German rider Flo Gruber ventured out for some high-wind kitefoiling practice in gnarly conditions.

© Sailing Energy / IKA: Gruber the 'lake sailor' needs all the wave practice he can get

“I’m lucky to have my coach and a coach boat here, so I had some back-up and wanted to practise in the big waves,” said the German veteran of the kitefoiling scene. “For the racing, AP over A was definitely the right decision. Getting off the beach when the wind is gusting off the shore between the hotels and the other buildings around here, that can be really dangerous. And going out there and having all the space and time in the world to move around by yourself, that’s one thing. It’s completely different when you’re on a busy start line and everyone’s struggle to control their kite, that’s when things can go wrong very quickly.”

© Sailing Energy / IKA: Mirco Babbini, IKA president, tooting the horn - no racing today...

In just over a week’s time, Gruber will be flying to Oman as the International Kiteboarding Association’s coach at the Youth Sailing World Championships. “I want to support the young kitefoilers who will be representing their countries at this really important event,” said Gruber, who at 27 years old is considered one of the ‘old men’ of this exciting new sailing discipline. “If there’s any experience I can pass on to them, or help them in and out of the water, or help fix their kit if something breaks, I want to be there for them.”

© Sailing Energy / IKA: Poema Newland of France leads the women's fleet...

After five races on day one of the 2021 KiteFoil World Series Gran Canaria, Axel Mazella leads the event overall with four race wins. In the women’s division, Poema Newland holds the lead and sits just a point outside of the top 10 overall. 

Racing is planned for 1200 hours on Friday. All the action will be featured on Facebook Livestream.

© Sailing Energy / IKA: Spectacular foiling conditions in the Canaries...

2021 Kitefoil World Series Gran Canaria - Men (5 races, 1 discard)
1 FRA Axel Mazella  4pts   
GBR Connor Bainbridge   7pts
3    RYF      Denis Taradin  13pts
2021 Kitefoil World Series Gran Canaria - Women (5 races, 1 discard)
1 FRA Poema Newland   40pts   
FRA Lauriane Nolot  54pts
3    AUT    Alina Kornelli    59pts
Full rankings: www.kitefoilworldseries.com