IKA Technical Committee approves final Formula Kite Registered Series Production Equipment applications

The registration process for new Formula Kite Registered Series Production Equipment for the 2020-2024 Olympic quadrennium has concluded on Saturday 18 July 2020 with a meeting of the IKA Technical Committee.

Series Production Equipment is equipment from a manufacturer which is mass produced and continuously made available for purchase worldwide without restriction until the end of the Olympic Cycle.

Each piece of equipment is required to be produced using the same manufacturing specifications and materials, be identical within production tolerances in all performance related aspects and comply with the measurements provided by the manufacturer upon registration.

Competitors may choose between manufacturers and their various models, however equipment built within a series must be identical within tight production tolerances.

IKA has received applications for equipment registrations from a total of 23 manufacturers:

  • 6 RAM-air kite manufacturers applied with 59 equipment items of RAM-air kites
  • 17 hydrofoil system manufacturers applied with 58 equipment items of hydrofoils as follows:
    • 21 hydrofoil masts
    • 21 complete gliders (frontwing, rearwing/stabilizer and fuselage in one piece)
    • 6 separate frontwings
    • 6 separate rearwings
    • 4 separate fuselages

8 manufacturers did not fulfill the application requirements:

  • 2 manufacturers withdrew their application
  • 6 manufacturers did not comply with the requirements for registration set out by the class technical committee.

There were 3 applications for re-registration of equipment of the previous registration cycle, of which 2 were approved.

In today's session, the IKA technical committee has approved the following equipment items (subject to contracting).

  • Chubanga (Hydrofoil System)
  • Flymaax (Kite)
  • Duotone (Hydrofoil System)
  • Uramoztu (Hydrofoil System)
  • Enata (Hydrofoil System)
  • KFA (Hydrofoil System)
  • Taaroa (Hydrofoil System)
  • Airush (Hydrofoil System)
  • Flying Sardine (Hydrofoil System)

Full details will be published shortly.

Previously approved were already the following equipment items:

  • Moses (Hydrofoil System)
  • Elf/Aeros (Kites)
  • Levitaz (Hydrofoil System)
  • Ozone (Kites)
  • Flysurfer (Kites)
  • F-One (Kites) 

All registered equipment will now be evaluated in competition until the end of 2021, when World Sailing will license the 2024 Olympic equipment through a separate agreement with the successful manufacturers.

For more information about the IKA Formula Kite class, the Olympic kiteboarding format, equipment and upcoming events, please visit https://www.formulakite.org/

List of registeres series production kites: https://www.formulakite.org/equipment/eligible-equipment/kites-2020-2024

List of registered series production hydrofoil systems: https://www.formulakite.org/equipment/eligible-equipment/hydrofoils-2020-2024