IOC confirms Paris 2024 programme including Mixed Kiteboarding

The Executive Board (EB) of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) today approved the Event Programme and Athlete Quotas for the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Olympic Programme Commission, the main features of Paris 2024’s Olympic programme include:

  • Exactly 50 per cent male and female participation, following on from the gender equality already achieved for Tokyo 2020, which will have 48.8 per cent female participation.
  • Growth of mixed gender events, from 18 to 22, compared to Tokyo 2020.
  • Skateboarding, sport climbing, surfing and breaking confirmed as additional sports based on a proposal by Paris 2024. Breaking will make its Olympic debut.
  • Reduction in the overall athlete quota (including all new sports) to exactly 10,500.
  • Reduction in the overall number of events, with a final programme of 329 events.

“With this programme, we are making the Olympic Games Paris 2024 fit for the post-corona world. We are further reducing the cost and complexity of hosting the Games. While we will achieve gender equality already at the upcoming Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, we will see for the first time in Olympic history the participation of the exact same number of female athletes as male athletes. There is also a strong focus on youth,” said IOC President Thomas Bach.

The full programme of the Olympic Games Paris 2024 is available here.

The following eight events have been included on the programme, replacing existing events, in each case to ensure no increases in event numbers:

  • 1 new mixed-gender event in athletics to replace the men’s 50km race walk
  • 1 new women’s weight class in boxing to replace 1 men’s weight class
  • 2 extreme canoe slalom events to replace 2 canoe sprint events
  • 3 new mixed events in sailing (including mixed kiteboarding and mixed 470 - two-person dinghy), to replace 1 men’s and 1 women’s 470 - two-person dinghy events and the men’s Finn - one-person dinghy
  • 1 new skeet mixed team event in shooting to replace the trap mixed team event.


The IOC EB supported the introduction of the new mixed kiteboarding and the mixed 470 - two-person dinghy events, but decided to further review the mixed offshore event in order to properly assess the key considerations around the cost, safety and security of the athletes.

The specific event proposal will be decided by 31 May 2021.


The Olympic programme is developed in thorough consultation with the Paris 2024 Organising Committee, International Federations (IFs), National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and athletes, and finalised by the IOC Executive Board upon the recommendations of the Olympic Programme Commission.

As a consequence of the exceptional situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the IOC and Paris 2024 have committed to reducing the cost and complexity of the Olympic Games.

This priority, in line with Olympic Agenda 2020, was communicated to the IFs in June 2020 when the IOC EB reiterated the vital importance of reducing the cost and complexity of hosting the Olympic Games.