3-Bullet Boschetti sleeps his way to the top


  • 10 to 15 knot winds from the west in the Gulf of Patras
  • 3 bullets from 4 races for Boschetti, Taradin and Maeder
  • French hold the top 4 places in the women's fleet 
  • Jessie Kampman leads by 2 points from Poema Newland

Lorenzo Boschetti (ITA) moved to the front of the pack on day three of the 2022 Lepanto Formula Kite European Championships in Nafpaktos, Greece. With scores of 2,1,1,1 from his qualifying group, Red Group, the Italian took a one-point lead ahead of Denis Taradin (CYP) who enjoyed his own three-bullet day in Blue Group. There was yet another three-bullet winner in Yellow Group, Singapore’s Max Maeder who moved to third overall in the standings. 

© Robert Hajduk/ IKA Media: Lorenzo Boschetti and his winning smile

Despite a very good day on the board, Boschetti almost didn’t seem bothered about his outstanding results. “Yesterday was stressful, I didn’t enjoy it,” said Boschetti. “I was putting myself under pressure about getting a good result. Today I said to myself, ‘I just need to have fun.’ That was it, and today I went on the water with the opportunity to have fun with all the guys in fleet. It was one of the hardest groups, with all the top Frenchies. And we had fun altogether and I'm super happy with my result of today.”


Boschetti put his success down to a different mentality. “This morning I was super chill. And I said to myself, whatever’s going to happen, it will be fine. The more I relax, the better I do. And I don’t know why but when I'm really, really focused and I'm sitting on the rib with the coach, my eyes are closing, and I just feel the kite on the bar and waiting. I’m almost falling asleep, but I don’t mind because when I’m like this I know I’m in a good place.”

© Robert Hajduk/ IKA Media: Challenging day for Theo de Ramecourt (FRA)

Others commented on the change of mentality on the racecourse today. On Wednesday the reigning World Champion Theo de Ramecourt had been caught up in a four-way crash and tangle which had shaken him up, physically and mentally. “It was really gnarly and scary yesterday and even if I got redress it's never nice to end up in such a situation and be part of such dramatic action.

© Robert Hajduk/ IKA Media: Lighting up Nafpaktos

“I think that a lot of riders understood that we have to stay safe and ride fair, where yesterday I think everyone was really under pressure and really pushed it too much,” said de Ramecourt. “It felt a lot more aggressive yesterday. Today felt a lot better.” Not that de Ramecourt completely avoided risk. “I did a port tack start where I saw a gap and went for it, and it went really well. 


“But later in the race I crashed my tack and then going downwind I was fighting for second or third with Toni [Vodisek, SLO] and I dragged my wingtip in the water and crashed the kite. So I had some stupid moments but mostly a good day.” Unfortunately for de Ramecourt, the day got worse after he came ashore when he was disqualified after being protested by Vodisek.

© Robert Hajduk/ IKA Media: Jessie Kampman leads the French charge in the women's fleet


The French continue to dominate the women’s division, with Lauriane Nolot winning both her races to move up to fourth overall behind three of her teammates. In the other half of the qualifying group, Jessie Kampman (FRA) also won both heats and moves into the lead ahead of fellow ‘Frenchies’ Poema Newland and Alexia Fancelli in second and third overall respectively. Best non-French rider in fifth place is Breiana Whitehead (AUS) who continues to race very consistently.

© Robert Hajduk/ IKA Media: Lauriane Nolot (FRA) back to her winning ways

Today marked the end of the qualifying phase. Friday sees the fleets reorganised into gold, silver and bronze. The gold fleet racing will be more intense than ever. The last two days of the event - Saturday and Sunday - will be livestreamed on Facebook and YouTube.

© Robert Hajduk/ IKA Media: Racing between the mountains

Results Men
1 ITA  Lorenzo Boschetti   7p   
CYP  Denis Taradin   8p
3    SGP   Max Maeder   10p
Results Women
1 FRA   Jessie Kampman   8p   
FRA   Poema Newland   10p
3    FRA   Alexia Fancelli   13p
Full results: https://www.formulakite.org/2022europeans