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Agenda and Submissions for the 2023 General Assembly (GA) and classes AGMs of the International Kiteboarding Association

The 2023 General Assembly of the International Kiteboarding Association as well as the AGMs for the Formula Kite, KiteFoil Open, and A's Youth Foil Classes will be held on 08 November 2023 via Cisco Webex videoconferencing. 

Date: Wednesday, 08 November 2023
Location: online via Cisco Webex
Starting time: 16:00 UTC


1. Welcome by the President of the IKA
2. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising
3. Reports
      a. President
      b. Vice Presidents Formula Kite, KiteFoil Open, A's Youth Foil
      c. Secretary General
      d. Financials 2022
      e. Media
4. Submissions

01-23    Executive Committee Harnesses Housekeeping >>>Download
02-23 Executive Committee  Impact Vest Formula Kite Standards, PFD compatibility   >>>Download
03-23 Executive Committee  Impact Vest KiteFoil Open Standards, PFD compatibility >>>Download
04-23 Executive Committee  Impact Vest KiteFoil Open Standards >>>Download
05-23 Executive Committee  Formula Kite Bridles and Speedsystems/Mixer Online Registration System >>>Download
06-23 Executive Committee  Formula Kite size measurement Housekeeping >>>Download
07-23 Executive Committee  A's Youth Foil Open Bar >>>Download
08-23 Executive Committee  A's Youth Foil Open Hull >>>Download
09-23 Executive Committee A's Youth Foil Foil Upgrade >>>Download
10-23 Spanish Sailing Federation A's Youth Foil Age Limit >>>Download
11-23 Danish Kiteboarding Association   Formula Kite Revision of certification system   >>>Download
12-23 Danish Kiteboarding Association Formula Kite Recall of kites >>>Download

Please note that submissions may include several proposals to be voted on separately

5. Future Events
6. Elections
   a. Vice President Fomula Kite
   b. Vice President KiteFoil Open
   c. Vice President Youth and Development
7. Any Other Business


Delegate Appointment or Proxy Nominations
IKA Full Members in good standing (National Class Associations having paid their 2023 annual subscription fee before March 01 2023) shall confirm their appointed delegate or nominated proxy for the AGM by the President or Secretary of the represented NCA and authorize that person to vote on any submission on their behalf.
Said authorization or proxy shall be received before 1300hrs UTC on 06 November 2023. 
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Those not appointed as a national delegate may attend as an observer but will not be able to speak unless invited to do so by the chairperson of the meeting.
Observers registrations shall be receivedbefore 1300hrs UTC on 06 November 2023.
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Be prepared
Delegates are urged to take time to read the agenda and the submissions in advance and come prepared.
Here is the link to the recent AGM Minutes: